Andrew Zabela-Zabelin

Holden, MA


Andrew Zabela-Zabelin is a professional artist, a member of the AIS (America Impressionist Society), and has received awards from International Artist for his fine art. He is currently exhibiting in several galleries and museums, internationally and in the states. His works hang in private collections all over the world. Some notable collectors include Michael Franzese, Steve Rossi, Shannon Mather, Oleg Vidov, and Joan Borsten. He creates artwork and design for all variety of commercial and residential spaces (and stagework). He is an expert draftsman and painter, with a full cadre of styles ranging from classical, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Contemporary. He does Exceptional Decorative Painting, Trompe L’oeil, Murals (on Walls and Canvas) Wall Sculpture, Mosaics, and Faux Finishes. He also is an exceptional Live Portrait painter. He has in the past conducted studio classes specializing in advanced portraiture and the fine painting technique Ala Prima. Please see references.