It would be our privilege to assist you in finding the specific artwork for your company or home. We highly enjoy connecting or reconnecting you with amazing, talented artists within the local art community and beyond.

We are reaching out to business and home owners seeking their support in purchasing paintings and works of art for the purpose of decorating or redesigning their space.  We have spectacular paintings and amazing pieces of artwork available from artists who are affiliated with Sbrogna's Artistic Promotions.


For the business, we strive to enhance the work environment, and to provide an opportunity to support the local art community. As personal as an art investment is to our customers, we are committed to helping you find the right selection for your business.



We Offer:

  • Provide Private Consultations

  • Artwork selection from artists affiliated with Sbrogna's Artistic Promotions

  • Opportunity to meet the artist upon their availability

  • Referral for Jazz music for events