Virtual Travelogue Program

With our Virtual Travelogue Program, you can explore this beautiful world from anywhere. It's possible to tour cities you've always dreamed of visiting and enjoy distant lands. We offer one hour programs for Greenland/Iceland, Ireland, Italy, and Morocco. Please click on the link below to see the trailer for our Italy presentation!

The programs are presented by Ron Rosenstock, an internationally known photographer who has conducted photography workshops and exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. Ron has published six books of his photographs, continues to teach, lead international tours, and present travelogue programs throughout New England.


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“If you have a chance, give Ron Rosenstock a HUGE thanks for his splendid Morocco presentation. And Huge thanks to you for arranging it. His presence at Briarwood really is a special thing.” - Resident at Briarwood Community, Worcester, MA (Virtual Morocco Travelogue Presentation on August 13, 2020)​

2019 Inspirational Travelogues | Photography as a Spiritual Experience
Sbrogna’s Artistic Promotions is proud to promote Photography Programs by Ron Rosenstock

Ron Rosenstock, from Holden, Massachusetts, has been leading International Photography tours for fifty years. He is a member of the U.S. State Department’s Art for Embassies program. His photographs have been exhibited in the Worcester Art Museum, the National Museum of Iceland, and in over one hundred galleries worldwide. Ron has put together a series of Photographic Travelogues.

Presentation 1

Inspirational Photography Travelogues

This program lasts for one hour and can be fit to a specific time frame. Please choose your presentation from ONE of the following locations: Morocco, Cuba, Italy (Florence, Tuscany, and Venice), Greece (Santorini), Iceland, the West of Ireland, Bhutan, or both Iceland and Greenland.


Presentation 2

Photography as a Spiritual Experience

This is an exercise in being present in the moment. This slide presentation features some of the work of the Masters of Photography: Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Minor White, and Paul Caponigro. The program concludes with a slide show, setting Ron’s images to music. Ron will share his philosophy on the making of meaningful images. This is an approximately one hour slide presentation but can be altered to fit a specific time frame.

Included with either presentation is a signed and sealed hardcover copy of Ron’s book entitled, Journeys Photographs by Ron Rosenstock, and two exhibition catalogs; one from the Worcester Art Museum and one from the Worcester Center For Crafts.

International Photo Tours
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Ron is happy to share his vision and insights to all who travel with him. Although he now only photographs with a digital camera, his philosophy of teaching hasn't changed since the early large format film days. He firmly believes that the photograph comes from within, not from without. Meaning you can't buy creativity, however, you have to learn to recognize that creative spirit within. Ron teaches exercises that will help that creative spirit come to the surface. These may consist of: 1) Entry ways to seeing, 2) Photographing in the NOW, 3) Practical aspects of printing, exhibiting and getting your work out there. During the photo tour he will teach and use a digital projector on several evenings. Most people who travel with Ron have a basic understanding of how the camera works, and others who know everything about the camera. He doesn't focus on technical knowledge, rather places the emphasis on a more Zen approach. Ron believes it isn't necessary to know all the latest digital technique, but it is necessary to know yourself.

Creating Meaningful Photographs, Mat Cutting and Framing
Fall 2019 Bay Path Adult Evening  School Course with Ron Rosenstock


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