Sid Solomon, Ph.D.

Worcester , MA


 Sid Solomon's over sixty year career in art began at the School of the Worcester Art Museum in 1951. After graduation he painted portraits in South Florida and studied with nationally known painter and teacher, Edmusnd Archer at the Corcoran Art School in D.C. 


While there he copied Rembrandts and other old masters at the National Gallery and taught at the Corcoran and for the U.S. Veterans Administration, as well as painting important government officials and their families. He later became a director in the U.S. Army Crafts Program of the Dept. of Defense. He entered the Ph.D program in art at the University of Georgia in 1972, and in 1981 received the doctoral degree. 


While working for the 7th Army Training Command in Germany he had the advantage of travel and study in the major art centers of Europe. Since his return to the United States, Sid Solomon has maintained a studio in Worcester, Mass. where he coordinates the weekly workshops of the Worcester Life Drawing Group, and paints portraits and colorful landscapes of New England in all seasons, even the depths of Winter. One of his favorite sayings is, 'A good portrait painter can paint anything.' Ars longus, vita brevis.