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"As an artist, the idea of partnering with someone to represent me initially made me nervous. After all, I have found that clients are interested not just in my portfolio, but also in my thinking behind my fine art, or my process for collaborating with clients for a commissioned painting or mural or custom paint finish. 


Working with Linda quickly put these concerns to rest.


Linda’s enthusiasm for art is second only to her passion for helping artists find an audience that will appreciate their unique value.  Linda took the time to familiarize herself with all of my work, but more importantly, she also focused on understanding what I was working on, what I wanted to promote and how I wanted to promote it. Her genuine interest in me as the artist as much as my art enables her to represent me as well as I could represent myself.


As a result, working with Linda has resulted in more opportunities to work with clients I enjoy, while doing more of the work I am best suited for and love doing.  It has been nothing but a pleasure working with Linda and working on the projects she has brought to me!" - Jason S.

"I am very fortunate to have Linda Sbrogna representing my artwork. Because of her hard work and tenacity, she was able to sell one of my prints to Special Teas and three of my abstract paintings to RESO Your Life. Linda was very efficient in setting up meetings with the owners. She is wonderfully personable and is dedicated to establishing relationships with the artist she represents and the buyers of our artwork. It is wonderful to have someone I can trust and Linda is that person." -Kathy H.

"I am pleased to have my artwork promoted by Sbrogna's Artistic Promotions in North Brookfield and surrounding local communities. A recent sale was to a North Brookfield resident, Julie. It was gratifying for me to see the delight in her eyes when she purchased my painting of a Blue-footed Booby!" -Carole B. "Happy Painting!"

"Linda of Sbrogna’s Artistic Promotions takes care of our art displays at the Worcester Regional Airport. I watch daily as passengers, from busy executives to small children, take a moment to take in the dazzling display that Linda has put together. Linda has a knack of capturing the theme of the season, whether it is a painting of a rowboat on a still lake reflecting the fall foliage, or a photograph of a hummingbird in a spring flower. We are proud to showcase the amazing artists of the Central Massachusetts region, and we are fortunate to have Sbrogna’s Artistic Promotions bring that talent for all of the traveling public to see. I recommend Linda without reservation." – Anthony Trites, Worcester Regional Airport 10-25-2016

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“If you have a chance, give Ron Rosenstock a HUGE thanks for his splendid Morocco presentation. And Huge thanks to you for arranging it. His presence at Briarwood really is a special thing.” - Resident at Briarwood Community, Worcester, MA (Virtual Morocco Travelogue Presentation on August 13, 2020)​

It has been such a pleasure to have discovered  Sbrogna's Artistic Promotions. Working with Linda on her art displays for the airport cases has been such a positive experience  Every theme that I throw at her, often with very short notice, is always represented beautifully and quite artistically in the cases. During the Holidays, when I wanted live music for the passengers traveling through the airport, she came through for me in that artistic venue as well.  Rebecca Swett played wonderful Holiday music on her gorgeous harp for us in the Terminal. The music was soothingly melodic and created a beautiful Holiday mood in the Airport.
Linda's taste is impeccable and she runs her business with the utmost talent and dependability.  I highly recommend her. - Jeannine Driscoll-Worcester Regional Airport

“As a brand new home owner in North Brookfield, I was looking for a piece of art work that would make my new house, a home. I am very fortunate to have had Linda Sbrogna, owner and consultant of Sbrogna’s Artistic Promotions help me find the most perfect painting for my new home. I wanted a painting that not only made me smile, but also supported a local artist. This is where Linda Sbrogna introduced to me to Carol Bentley. The moment I met Carol, I knew Linda connected me with the right artist. I will forever be thankful for the beautiful painting I purchased and I look forward to working with Linda and Carol again in the future.” -Julie

“Sbrogna Promotions was a great support for our growing company. In March 2014, we opened a new health coaching center in Worcester. The office has a lot of light and a nice view: perfect to coach and help people achieve their goals. By discussing our needs with Sbrogna Promotions, we had the opportunity to receive great suggestions for displays and decor needed for the office. After two meetings, we found the perfect style. We also had the opportunity meet the painter to add a personal touch to the experience. We are very grateful to have worked with Sbrogna Promotions. We will work with them when we will open new coaching centers in the future.” -RESO Your Life

“Sbrogna’s Artistic Promotions provided original artwork for a house I staged. The house was unique and conventional artwork would not have accented its interesting features. The artwork Linda provided made the environment so inviting and added a touch of beauty.

Linda Sbrogna is very professional and I would highly recommend her services. The house SOLD!"  -Julie Remele, Transforming Spaces

"I would like to acknowledge Linda Sbrogna, owner of Sbrogna’s Artistic Promotions for her amazing company. Our names are Kevin Seaman, P.E., Owner and President, and Debra Seaman, VP and CFO of Seaman Engineering Corporation in Millbury, Massachusetts. We wanted our company to support local artists by incorporating our business story on canvas. We did not want a “cookie cutter office look” with artwork that didn’t mean anything to us or speak about what we do.  We didn’t want common pieces of art just stuck on our walls without any meaning to us or the company. We wanted pieces of art that spoke to our clients. Also, we wanted to tell a story about us and our employees. When a client looks at our artwork, we wanted it to describe what we do as professionals, as well as defining who we are as a business.

We contacted Linda Sbrogna of Sbrogna’s Artistic Promotions who was able to help us achieve our art goals. In addition to solving our art needs, she was able to refer us to many other local professionals who specialize in re-branding, websites, and business writing.

We commissioned two pieces of artwork which are proudly displayed in our office. These pieces describe the unique aspect of our professional work which includes HVAC, Fire Protection and Plumbing. The complements and conversations have been amazing. The artist, Jason Sawtelle chosen by Sbrogna’s Artistic Promotions achieved our goal. Our clients leave the office with a positive confident feeling that Seaman Engineering Corporation can deliver professional engineering for their job needs. The art work is etched in client and customers minds, making our commission artwork one avenue for marketing our business.

Currently, we have commissioned a third piece of artwork for our lunch room. We wanted to show the employees our appreciation of their hard work and dedication. This next commissioned piece of artwork will bring meaning and joy to them. You will have to check back to see the results!

Linda, thank you for bringing color and life into our professional business.  It has truly made an amazing environment for the employees as well as our clientele.  We never realized just how wonderful a piece of art can change the atmosphere and disposition of a space, let alone a work environment. Lastly, we are grateful for the incredible marketing opportunity the artwork has provided for us. We can see other businesses taking hold of this to define who they are in the professional world. We are just so happy to be the first."

Kevin and Debra Seaman,

Seaman Engineering Corporation