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Roberta Sunset and Roses.jpg

Roberta A.

.... The ocean stirs my heart, inspires my imagination and brings eternal joy to my soul.... 

I developed an affinity for the sea as a young girl summering with both sets of grandparents in Orleans. Sailing with my father on Nantucket Sound and Cape Cod Bay.  As an adult, I extended my passion to exploring the warm waters of the Caribbean and South Pacific.
My work in is an homage to the beauty of Cape Cod and the nature that surrounds me above and below the sea.
Photographing the water and beaches of Cape Cod is a study in rejuvenation. Each day, every beach is renewed, refreshed, and reborn.
As a self-taught photographer, I specialize in original, natural light photography and digital art collages.
I favor large format photographs and to maintain complete control over the quality of my work, I do all my own canvas and fine art printing in my studio. 
My work is available is on a wide range of hand made products.

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Geoffrey B.

I use photography to document the world I see. It may or may not be what everyone else sees as I like to be different. Whether it be in my hometown or around the world I try to find the beauty in everything. I do a lot of research when going to new locations to see what the best locations are to photograph. Even take in some examples and with those try to find new locations in the same spot to showcase what I see and hope to invoke a sense of adventure. While out in nature and even in the city my landscape/nature photography allows me to relax and enjoy my visits to the many beautiful locations around the world. In the end photography while my profession, photography is also my escape from the everyday and in turn create memories that will last a life time.

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Carole B.

Every day that I can paint is a happy day! I am an enthusiastic artist; it's a daily part of my life. I'm preparing in my mind for the next artwork even when I'm not painting.


My subject matter is a mixture of interests from landscapes and seascapes to flowers, birds, and abstracts. I paint what I feel I am connected to. There is usually a story behind the piece, a place a feeling, an urge to see what happens with the brushes or pastels. I like to make the color and light pop from the canvas or paper.  


As Vincent Van Gogh said, "If you hear a voice within you say, you are not a painter, then by all means paint...and that voice will be silenced."

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Rose Island Sail s.jpg

Julie B.

My paintings are about vibration of color. Having learned to see the color of light and paint the subtle nuances of color in nature, I have taken this a step further by using more expressive brush or palette knife strokes. I have added the element of texture to my work by means of the palette knife, tools I often use in faux painting and the application of wax. Some of my work are of literal, recognizable things. I also like to abstract realism so you know what it is but it’s not done literally, always focusing on color and color placement. My intention is to attract the viewer through color but also get the viewer to think. It is interesting to me to watch how people react to what they are seeing. Often the viewer will see things in the work and draw their own conclusion on what they are seeing.

As a native Rhode Islander and fisherman's daughter, I am drawn to the beauty of the sea and of our state. Enjoy a walk through memorable Rhode Island landmarks or recognizable attributes of little Rhody.

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Cate Water_Panning_Sachuest_2013_10_391.

Cate B.

My photography has taken me on unhindered explorations of coastline throughout the world. But

no matter where my work has taken me, I can always find solace walking the sandy shores of home in southern New England. This body of work focuses on my abstract series and aerial perspectives to bring a comprehensive expression of the unique beauty and intrigue of a place defined by both land and sea. Driven by an equal love for the ocean and beautiful photographs, my aim is to draw you into a world defined and surrounded by sandy beaches and salty ocean waters. I hope that my photography not only invokes the smell of salt air, the sound of ocean water and sensations of salt spray, but also an appreciation and respect for our Oceans. We owe so much to the waters that have given us life, abundance and a calling for exploration and expression. The Sea inspires me to capture its likeness through creative vision, and in turn I hope my images will motivate others to return to the Sea to find their own inspiration.

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Allison P.

As I observe Nature, I often dwell upon the light and goodness within every living thing. A backlit leaf will hold me in deep thought.  Every color invades my line of vision, especially the elements filled with light.  This color absorption blurs the objects; the leaf and its surroundings are transformed to swatches of vibrating color, similar to a painting itself.  The light in the image becomes a dreamy and glowing ethereal presence.  What I see, feel, hear and imagine, I paint.

My paintings have grown to incorporate pencil, ink, and now collaged textures.  I collage my original water- and digital-manipulated photos onto a canvas.  The results are chaotic, and through my process, a simpler image is revealed, with applications of acrylic paint, pencil, and ink. Nature has a magical tranquility that connects mind, body, and soul; we being living entities connected by earth, air, and water. Life’s chaos can be transformed into peace if one takes a moment to breathe.  Each painting embraces what Nature provides, that of a stillness, a peace, and light in our hearts.

As I observe Nature, I often dwell upon the light and goodness within every living thing. A backlit leaf will hold me in deep thought.  Every color invades my line of vision, especially the elements filled with light.  This color absorption blurs the objects; the leaf and its surroundings are transformed to swatches of vibrating color, similar to a painting itself.  The light in the image becomes a dreamy and glowing ethereal presence.  What I see, feel, hear and imagine, I paint.

My paintings have grown to incorporate pencil, ink, and now collaged textures.  I collage my original water- and digital-manipulated photos onto a canvas.  The results are chaotic, and through my process, a simpler image is revealed, with applications of acrylic paint, pencil, and ink. Nature has a magical tranquility that connects mind, body, and soul; we being living entities connected by earth, air, and water. Life’s chaos can be transformed into peace if one takes a moment to breathe.  Each painting embraces what Nature provides, that of a stillness, a peace, and light in our hearts.

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Nick C.

A Shrewsbury, Massachusetts native, Nicholas has been painting steadily for twenty-one years.  He has an Architectural Studies Degree from Norwich University in Vermont. Two years after graduating college he studied an Architectural studio class for a summer semester in Paris in 1998. Work in well-known architectural firms Perry Dean Rogers and Arrowstreet in Boston and Somerville respectively, he developed a technical expertise and applies it to his watercolor paintings.

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Denise D.

Artist Statement Coming Soon.

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Donna Dufault Culinary

Donna D.

I’m fascinated by the art of preparing food and the tools used to create it. With the number of dishes chefs prepare each day, tools and equipment take a beating. The dents, scratches, cracks and patina all create beauty in their imperfections. I truly enjoy peering into the kitchens, tracking down these tools, and documenting their vulnerability from human treatment. The resulting images sometimes turn out very abstract, while others are more clearly about the objects themselves. 

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Bradley F.

I once made a piece called 40lb Roofing Felt on Routed Five Ply Plywood. The only people who might have understood this were people in the construction trades or who knew anything about working with their hands and fixing things themselves. It was a comment on the layperson and giving them an entry point to looking at contemporary art. Ten years later personal narrative, ideas of place, craft and work are notions that have added to driving the work. Specifically work ethic and what it means to work and labor are ideas constantly simmering. These notions are portrayed through a continued search for meaning in materials and imagery as they convey a sense of place, history and sentiment. Wooden panels and routing continue to act as a vehicle by which the lay-craftsman can enter the work. This combination creates pieces imbued with an authentic notion of experience and true history.

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Christina G.

My paintings reflect the various locations where I have traveled and the people I have met. A few of my pieces evoke the emotion that can only be captured at that one moment in time by my use of color, impression and reality. I use watercolor, oil pastels, soft pastels, colored pencils and acrylics.

As a visual artist, I am attracted to any scape: land or sea. I am also inclined to paint people and still life.

I have lived in New York, vacationed in Boothbay Harbor, ME and presently live in Massachusetts. I have traveled to Nevada, New York, California, Georgia, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Canada, Cancun, Aix-Provence, France, Poland, and Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

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Kathy H.

What do I paint? Simply put - everything!  I wasn't very good at painting either until I found Helen Van Wyk of Rockport, MA in the summer of 1993.  Her teaching inspired me and filled in all the gaps of my many years of trying to learn to draw and paint. It was Helen that made it possible to create the artwork I paint today.

If I'm enchanted (I think that's the draw for me) with the color, or the light and shadows, or the subject matter, or all these things - I want to paint them. After all these years of painting there is still so much more for me to learn.

All the years of struggle and looking for answers are all worth it when I see my art students enjoying drawing and painting as I do. Being able to open their eyes to the language of art is truly fulfilling. 

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Donna L.

A trip to Western Ireland to research the family's heritage dramatically changed Donna O'Scolaigh Lange's outlook on her art. "We spent time at the Rock of Cashel where many of the O'Scolaigh ancestors are buried. "Seeing the carved, ancient stones overlooking that sweeping green land inspired a new phase in my work".

Lange began her career as a graphic artist, illustrating children's fiction and educational books. After moving to Northeast Connecticut, she began exploring oil painting, studying at the Worcester Art Museum, and with talented local artists.

"With the layers of oil paint, I try to express time-its' movement forward and scraping away to a hazy past. I love to paint local scenes of the Quiet Corner".

Recently, Donna has begun collaging, using fabric, paint, found objects, and altered antique photographs. "My goal is for my work to be universal and also personal".

Donna is represented by Arts and Framing, Putnam, Ct. and  is affiliated with Bayview Press of Thomaston, Me. She is a member of ArtsWorcester, Lyme Art Association, and Mystic Art Museum.

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Estelle Laschever.jpg

Estelle L.

Artist Statement Coming Soon.

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Pat Nickerson Pleasant Provincetown Afte

Pat N.

I love painting and I love Cape Cod.


These two loves marry well to provide endless opportunities and challenges for me in my work as a landscape painter.


Skies and clouds are of particular interest.


The stunning vistas of Cape Cod’s boggy marshes and serene beaches allow for wide-angle views of the ever-changing seasonal elements.


I also am drawn to the natural beauty of other parts of New England, most notably New Hampshire and Maine, where I have painted several landscapes.


If you like my paintings, and I am lucky enough to have you hang one of my landscapes in your home, then we are kindred spirits who love and appreciate this lovely corner of our earth.

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Ken M.

For roughly 16 years, I have been a hobby artist focused on painting and drawing.  In 2016 I decided to start selling my artwork.  I enjoy painting landscapes, rivers and seascapes; however, I can and will adapt my artwork to any images I find pleasing.  I have a home in New England and another along the coast of North Carolina and as a result I focus my paintings on what I experience mostly in these two locations.


I primarily paint with acrylics.  I paint on paper, canvas, hardboard and recently started painting on linen attached to board.  I work both in my studio and on location (Plein Air).


My art is unique in the fact of it's based upon what I find pleasing (and hopefully what other viewers find pleasing).  It's mostly a representational style.  


I have expertise in utilizing layering techniques that produce a depth and quality in what I paint.


For materials, I like to use Golden Heavy Body Acrylics and Trekell as well as Windsor Newton paintbrushes.

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Lorna R.

The general misunderstanding of a painting is due to missing it’s spiritual and technical qualities. If the observer’s eye is not trained to equate formal visual problems with those things, he/she will search for things which have little to do with the aesthetic content of a painting, looking for representational things instead of music-like relationships. My paintings are about the structural spaces that make up volumetric composition through the relationship of colors.


My paintings 'sing' through the light that emanates from the seasonal color combinations that occur in landscape. How does the color define a particular place through the act of painting itself? The viewer is invited to enter through the architectural construction of my drawings or paintings, and be moved by it.


Each of my paintings represents a crystallized chunk of formal experience, while being very personal at the same time. My paintings are earthy, rock-like and weighty, and yet they have in them the rhythm of the sea.  I am a nature painter; the nature “out there” coupled with my own internal landscape.  My inner finds the equivalent ‘out there.’

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Michael R.

Making a landscape painting is an attempt at trying to understand who you are by connecting with the endless possibilities that Nature has to offer. Painting outdoors gives one the opportunity to respond rather than just look, and enables the painter, through
observation and invention, to gain an understanding of the effects of light which is always a challenge. Every painting commands a resolution of tasks, and hopefully a stepping stone to a life time of learning with Nature being the source of inspiration.


With the tools and materials of your craft, landscape painting in plein air becomes one of the best and sincere ways at getting to the heart of beauty. Ultimately the painting becomes a bridge between the artist and the viewer where the emotional and intellectual
pleasures of creating and viewing the painting are shared and enjoyed.

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Halie S.

Halie enjoys a variety of media from oil painting to sculpture, to large charcoal drawings. Her works are dominated by large scale paintings and murals but she also enjoys small landscapes, portraits, paintings of animals, and sculptures. All of her art is tied together with the similar theme of depicting home life, landscapes and animals. She is inspired mainly by the colors found in nature and the shadows cast by the sun during different times of day. She has always loved to create with her hands and is always looking for a new medium to conquer. Her goal as an artist is to be able to create something beautiful out of anything, and she is building her skillset with as many media as possible. Halie is a big believer that one doesn’t need expensive art materials in order to make beautiful pieces. On her own time she loves to challenge herself by creating pieces out of found materials; this way she has more opportunities built up for more unconventional technical skills. Personally, Halie is inspired by the raw beauty she finds in her family, friendships, and animals at home or at the barn. These subtle encounters drive her passion to capture these moments in her paintings.  Halie’s art practice has become an outlet for her to show the world what she finds beautiful and inspirational, without the use of words. In the future she want to share her passions by inspiring people that art can be a powerful form of communication.

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Sid S.

Sid's over sixty year career in art began at the School of the Worcester Art Museum in 1951. After graduation he painted portraits in South Florida and studied with nationally known painter and teacher, Edmusnd Archer at the Corcoran Art School in D.C. 


While there he copied Rembrandts and other old masters at the National Gallery and taught at the Corcoran and for the U.S. Veterans Administration, as well as painting important government officials and their families. He later became a director in the U.S. Army Crafts Program of the Dept. of Defense. He entered the Ph.D program in art at the University of Georgia in 1972, and in 1981 received the doctoral degree. 


While working for the 7th Army Training Command in Germany he had the advantage of travel and study in the major art centers of Europe. Since his return to the United States, Sid Solomon has maintained a studio in Worcester, Mass. where he coordinates the weekly workshops of the Worcester Life Drawing Group, and paints portraits and colorful landscapes of New England in all seasons, even the depths of Winter. One of his favorite sayings is, 'A good portrait painter can paint anything.' Ars longus, vita brevis.

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Ron R.

For many years people have commented about my wonderful life, traveling all over the world making beautiful photographs.  The truth is... I am a missionary.  My mission is to be one of the caretakers of our world.  I will work at this mission by raising the awareness of as many people as possible. 


Awareness of how beautiful and important our planet is.  It is a living-breathing organism.  The American Indians knew that over a thousand years ago and taught it to their children.  Because there are so many of us now living in this technological era of rapid change, we must not only think of earth as 'mother earth' but also as brother, sister, father and lover earth.  We won't make it without her support and she won't make it without ours.

She speaks to us in many languages.  The language of wind, rain, bird song, and a silence so profound, it encourages us to reach into the transcendental to seek the source of that silence.

My desire is to reach as many people as possible and convert them into also being a caretaker.  On the one hand it doesn't take much convincing and yet there are many people who resist it.  But watching the golden leaves fall like snow flakes, watching the waves, listening to nature, sensing nature, all of it stirs within us the call.  The call to join with nature and recognize our true selves.

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Jason S_Dancing.jpg

Jason S.

Since I began painting over 25 years ago, I have been inspired by the power of subtle details in the world around us.  Largely because of this connection with the physical world, I have always been hard-wired to be a realist painter.  I see realism, however, as a tool - not an objective.  My goal is not to accurately depict a scene, but to communicate the feeling or idea inspired in me by the scene. 

Because of my desire to share something beyond a recognizable picture of reality, I often enlarge a small area, or eliminate the horizon, or alter the composition in a way that changes our normal experience of viewing and perceiving.  Often, the “scene” I use is just as much a means to an end as the language of realism.  It is more of a framework for the topic and the shapes, light and motion than it is itself the subject. 

My choice of painting on a larger scale is also connected with these ideas.  I want my paintings to be an immersive experience.  The way I see things is not like stepping back to take a panoramic photo, but more like stepping into an image and loosing the context of what surrounds it.  I want the viewer to feel pulled in and engulfed by the painting in the way I do when I paint it.

In my recent work, the most common subject is water.  On a personal level, I am deeply drawn to and inspired by water.  Being in nature near rivers, lakes or ocean makes me breathe easier and think differently.

Beyond this emotional connection, I am also profoundly struck by the importance and relevance of water. Whether it is an increasing shortage in fresh water in some areas or rising sea levels in others, the role of water in sustaining and threatening our way of life has never been more imperative.  There is little assurance that the tranquil relationship many of us currently enjoy with water can continue, which is at the core of the inspiration for much of my art.

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Charlotte W.

Artist Statement Coming Soon.

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Cynthia W.

Landscape in oil is the medium in which my artistic themes are expressed. Each landscape represents the memory of an emotion and my aim is to present a scene that has a ground but also has an ephemeral and floating feeling to evoke a dreamlike memory. I am fixated on the subtleties in the atmosphere, which I layer in glazes of paint. Each work develops its own temperament; some complicated and heavy, others light, loose and confident.Contradiction is also a theme, associating lights and darks in atmosphere with both positive and negative implications. For example, with darkness there is acknowledgement of the negative and an appreciation forit’s beauty and solace. Darkness symbolizes repression and withholding but at the same time, and importantly,darkness brings comfort and rest. Light, a symbol of hope and renewal, is a focal point that disrupts this rest. In depicting the sky, I can explore a full circle of human emotion through light and atmosphere.The moon is a subject with in the contradiction theme that I began exploring at a time of forced reflection about the meaning of life and death. Ever changing, the moon’s presence is mysterious and is often contradictory insymbolism. This makes the search for absolute truths impossible. There is always another answer, anotherperspective. Philosophers grasp at answers in an effort to understand life but all that is true is the journey andwhat is discovered along the way.

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Laura M.

They say a true artist puts their life’s journey and experiences into each piece. If true, I’ve got a wide variety to share with the viewer. It all started in fourth grade when I drew a picture of a deer leaping over a log. My teacher praised it, my mom loved it, and I was hooked on making more art. After high school my artistic path started out typical enough at a small college in Beverly, Massachusetts where I studied Commercial Art, but life took some unusual turns that lead me to serving over six years in the US Navy as one of the first 300 women in the Nuclear Power Program. A reactor operator is not

a very artistic career, but it did give me the opportunity to travel, explore cultures, and gain a lot of computer knowledge. As I left the Navy and returned to civilian life, I quickly became an expert in the use of computers for graphic design, a new addition to the field at the time. I spent the next 30+ years loving what I got to do every day – create. I proudly ran my own business, Angell House Design, where I built a long list of clients including The Last Green Valley, Paul Newman’s Hole in the

Wall Gang Camp, Connecticut Forest & Park, Day Kimball Hospital, Ricoh International, University of Connecticut, Music Worcester, TEEG, and many more including Foxwoods Casino with which I was the designer of a majority of their entertainment pieces for over 15 years.

Throughout my career I’ve continued to take courses at various institutions, including Syracuse University and RISD, and have studied with several instructors including Karen Reid (Silver Circle),

Sherrie Parenteau, and Pamela Lussier. As I slide into retirement I am leaving behind the computer and picking up the paint brush. A few years ago my husband and I built our retirement home in a place I am proud to call my hometown – Putnam, CT. I spend a good deal of my days volunteering for

various non-profit organizations and when I get home from a meeting or a fundraiser I’ll head to my paint room to relax with my latest canvas or two or three. My paintings are a reflection of my love of gardening, nature, travel, and the joy of everyday life. I hope you’ll join me on this new path, watch me grow, and enjoy what I have to share.

Tom W-Summertime .jpg

Tom W.

I’ve always been fascinated by optical mysteries. Reflections enable multiple visual planes to exist simultaneously. The visible puzzles found in my photographs challenge what’s immediately identified and taken for granted. I love finding illusionary abstractions around us in unexpected & ordinary locations - like parking lots or street puddles. Surrealism viewable to the naked human eye! The first reflective surface I photographed was an autumn Massachusetts pond with colorful birch trees.
The yellow and white squiggly ripples in the water captivated me – soothing yet unpredictable. Diving deeper into water reflections, I was amazed to find images coming out of my camera that reminded me of impressionist favorites like Van Gogh and Monet. At first, I always maintained recognizable elements (lily pads, branches). Over time, the boundaries between realism and abstraction blurred as I concentrated on distorted water patterns. Then I broadened my horizons, discovering other reflective materials - like glass, metal, and wet surfaces. With colors, textures, and shapes highlighted for their own sake, my images became more painterly. Friends who viewed my work enjoyed the “alternative reality” I was sharing and often saw imaginative things that I didn’t. I photograph illumination reflected off dark shiny surfaces with Canon digital cameras & lenses, usually on a tripod. Slightly different angles (or times of day) alter how light travels and the resulting composition. So, I keep experimenting. As a child, I loved to explore and what I do now is similar - I search for dramatic colors and textures. Hues get intensified when bounced and can seem “unbelievable”. Some people assume my images are computer-generated or significantly altered. They are not. As photographers have always done, I edit my images to retouch, crop/rotate and make tonal/color corrections. My objective in editing is to show what I saw. Photographic prints on archival
aluminum complete my work with a vibrant luminosity that rivals the original scene.
Ripples offer us more than peaceful undulating waves that appear on a surface like water. Inevitably the
radiating lines get disturbed. With reflected light, magic can happen. Curving & bending light rays and
the resulting shapes open a doorway for our subjective minds. Whimsical and mysterious possibilities


Andrew Z.

Artist Statement Coming Soon

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